Creating Pathways to Success Through Empowering Individuals and Positive Role Models.

The 4th Down Foundation​​

We believe that when people find reward in 

applying the Gameface principles to their lives, we will start to see a shift in interest towards their goal-oriented success.


The 4th Down Foundation implements a mentoring program called “Gameface.” Gameface is a mentoring program that teaches individuals the strategies and skills necessary to help them focus on their goal-oriented success rather than on negative influences like drugs, alcohol and criminal behavior.



Our organization is growing very rapidly.  We plan to raise enough money from our mentoring services, commercial videos, speaking engagements, donations, and corporate sponsorships in order to develop an improvement center that mentors young individuals and sharpens individuals both mentally and physically for life success.

New Concepts 

We believe high school students make better choices when they learn that each decision they make can have a major impact on their chances of success.  We share stories and concepts taken directly from professional experiences. We also 

educate our students by examining criminal charges and how they can have a major impact on their goals.