The 4th Down Foundation

About Us

Mr. Hardesty graduated from North Carolina State University in 2012 receiving his B.A. in Criminology. While attending N.C.S.U., Mr. Hardesty played Division 1A football for the Wolfpack as an offensive tackle. Additionally, Mr. Hardesty was given the opportunity to work for the United States Secret Service for two years where he had the opportunity to meet the President and Vice President of the United States. During his tenure with the Secret Service, Mr. Hardesty developed a passion for criminal law and mentoring young adults dealing with substance abuse addictions and mental illnesses. He is now currently attending North Carolina Central University School of Law (2019) in order to pursue his goal of becoming a lawyer and peak 

performance strategist for young adults.

During his presentations, Mr. Hardesty provides firsthand knowledge and advice acquired from his experiences as a NCCA Division 1 Athlete. He also incorporates real life experiences of working with clients, friends, and families battling with substance abuse addictions and mental illnesses from his work in the criminal defense field to illustrate what could stem from making poor decisions. He believes that when individuals are focused on their personal and professional development and they implement these tools and strategies into their daily routine, they will positively influence their peers to act accordingly.  

"Consistent execution over time yields positive results."

             -David Daggett

                              Daggett Shuler Attorneys At Law 

Meet the founder

Cameron Hardesty

Mr. Hardesty created 4th Down in order to inspire individuals to perform at their highest level and make great decisions for their personal and professional success. 

Our Mission 

01. Contract For Excellence

After our influential speaking engagements, audience members have the opportunity to sign a legally binding contract with 4th Down that entitles them to (1) remain committed to achieving their goals and (2) maintain the discipline to block out negative influences and harmful substances. 

02. Leadership Alliance 

We are actively empowering JV and Varsity football student athletes in our partner high schools to establish Leadership Alliances within their schools and to be the first line of defense for youth opioid abusers through positive peer pressure.  Alliances meet once per month and discuss topics such as leadership on and off the filed, self discipline, and substance abuse awareness.  4th Down will provide Alliances with guidance and special guest speakers, along with creating pathways for public speaking,

community service, scholarships, NCAA recruiting, and letters of recommendation.   

03. Overwatch

With the help of our 4th Down Productions team, we provide a media resource, dedicated to spreading awareness of the opioid epidemic and other forms of substance abuse that is currently taking the lives of many of our young adults in the Raleigh-Durham community. 

​​​"We hope 4th Down will continue to be a part of the inspiration sitting on my son's shoulders to motivate him academically as well as athletically.  We are blessed to have this program in his life."  ​

-Parent of City College High School Student 

The 4th Down Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit program who specializes in creating pathways to success for young adults who are at risk of substance abuse through influential speaking engagements, media overwatch, and establishing leadership alliances.

Our commitment to speaking in front young adults is where we saw enormous growth and development as an emerging social enterprise. With the help from teachers, parents, coaches and counselors, our program continues to be one of the fastest growing non-profit organizations in North Carolina.  We continue to encourage our supporters to spread the word so that we can reach more high school students and help them focus on their goals and what's ahead of them, instead of engaging in substance abuse and criminality.

Since it's commencement in early 2015, The 4th Down Foundation has been receiving donations that have allowed us to provide our mentoring services, videos and scholarships. This is all be made possible from the money we raise in our charity fundraisers, donations from families in the community and our partner corporate sponsors and community organizations. We are very confident that this program will mark the start of a massive movement towards preventing substance abuse.  

Creating Pathways to Success By Empowering IndividualS