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The Gameface mentoring program is for young individuals (ages 14-25) that utilizes and teaches goal-oriented strategies to help students find their pathway to success. The key take-away is that we have a staff of peak-performance coaches: current and former military service men and women, off-duty police officers, teachers, counselors, life coaches, entrepreneurs, and pyschologists, who altogether, assemble a team of coaches designed to help students with their personal development and prepare them for their careers. 

Our unique curriculum covers topics such as: substance abuse, social-emotional learning, communication, leadership, and self-discipline.  We help our students improve on their weaknesses while also teaching them to make critical decisions that can help them achieve their personal and professional goals in the following years of high school, college, and beyond.  

This program is tailored to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, young adults in high school, college students, and young industry professionals. Our unique lesson plan covers:

  • personal and professional development
  • substance abuse (alcohol and drug abuse)
  • stress management 
  • social pressures and social media influence
  • time management and prioritization
  • college preparation and/or career planning 

Gameface separates itself from the traditional mentoring program.  One of our coaches will sit down with your son or daughter, face to face, figure out what's most important to them, and then figure out a gameplan for achieving this goal. We will also connect you with a role model from our dense network of industry professionals.  Each role model has been kind enough to volunteer his or her time to advise you about your career path and how they were able to achieve their goals.  We will also work to find and secure internships for our mentees so that they may acquire valuable life skills that they can use to better there careers.  

When applied correctly, this process will create the mindset of an achiever. Our mentees are more focused on pursuing their goals, staying active preparing for their futures, and are less inclined to engage in activity that could hurt their chances of achieving success. Now we you to become a part of our team, so please call us today to schedule an appointment

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Creating Pathways to Success Through Empowering Individuals and Positive Role Models.